The Electric Trolleybus (ETB) Town Eberswalde

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These Internet pages want to present Germany's oldest electric trolleybus system, a type of local public transport very free of pollution. Eberswalde has the only trolleybus network in the East German states of the Federal Republic of Germany, which formerly lay in the German Democratic Republic.

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Table of contents

1. Geographic location of the Electric Trolleybus Town Eberswalde
2. Trolleybus operations
2.1. Trolleybus routes
2.1.1. Trolleybus line 861
2.1.2. Trolleybus line 862
2.1.3. Line 910 (in future trolleybus line 910) (New!)
2.2. Vehicles Rolling stock of the trolleybuses Articulated trolleybus of the Polish type Solaris Trollino 18 AC Historic trolleybuses Rolling stock of the historic trolleybus trailers Historic trolleybus trailers Auxiliary vehicles Historic auxiliary vehicles
2.3. Direct current supply and trolleybus overhead
2.4. Passengers
2.5. Drivers
3. Depot
4. History of Eberswalde 's trolleybus system
4.1. Period from 1842 to April 1945
4.2. Period from May 1945 to 1965
4.3. Period from May 1966 to 1989
4.4. Period from 1990 to 1995
4.5. Period from 1996 to 2000
4.6. Period from 2001 to 2007
5. Sources
6. Interesting links on the Internet
7. Index

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