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2.5. Drivers

So the 32 drivers steer the trolleybuses around 7 days per week. Christmas, Sylvester etc. included.

The drivers of the trolleybuses are similar to the passengers.
There are large and small, old and young, thick and thin, friendly and unfriendly, smokers and non-smokers, athletic and non athletic, healthily and seriously ill and which go regularly to the physician. Those who adhere to the timetable and those who go to work without a watch or clock.

Each day is also not naturally alike for a trolleybus driver. At times one has good mood, at times bad, at times feels on top, at times feels healthy or ill, at times one is provoked (by other road users, at times by passengers), at times the driver is calm.

In no case should a trolleybus driver be unfriendly to the passengers. But it is sometimes not surely simple to maintain the good resolutions from the morning in the afternoon.

According to my assessment most of our drivers are very friendly to the passengers. The passengers forget easily the friendly drivers, but the unfriendly drivers they don't forget so quickly.

As bus or trolleybus driver, surely sometimes one makes an error. In such cases a friendly apology reliably helps.

Sometimes the drivers are delayed. If the passengers have problems or grievances about the local public transport, they grumble with the driver of the trolleybuses. They don't grumble with the administration or the mayor of our city; but the drivers can do nothing about those problems. For example our city fathers had decided to provide roadworks for the main streets in several places all at the same time. After the trolleybus driver has traversed one roadwork area he reaches the next roadwork area and he may be behind schedule. Roadworks cost some minutes more to traverse. The road without roadworks can be driven faster. Sometimes the trolleybus faithfully follows the timetable, but at times for 15 minutes no trolleybus at all comes; then directly comes three. Some passengers could not understand that.

A monthly driver roster is available to the drivers in the trolleybus. A daily service plan shows the drivers for the next day and the day after, and is used to update the monthly roster. These tell the drivers if they must work or not, when the driver must come to work and for how long. Modifications are always possible.